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Are you looking for a Utah based moving company that’s federally licensed? Fully insured? With crews staffed by its own experienced, full time professionals and not by drifters hired out of a hardware store parking lot? That has no hidden add-on fees, like fuel and tax surcharges? Well stop your search here, because Xpress Movers is the perfect match for all of the above.

Xpress Movers offers various options to fit your budget and time demands. First is the “full service” move. With a full service move, we send two experienced professionals in a 26’ moving truck (with a lift gate if needed). The truck is stocked with all the necessary items for your move: furniture dollies, piano boards, ramp, pallet jacks, stairwalker, etc. Plus we come with 100+ furniture blankets, all the boxes and stretch wrap and tape we’ll need, plus any other supplies that might be necessary for your job.

We will professionally stretch wrap your furniture items and then blanket wrap them and strap them securely to our truck walls. Then we’ll package your other items using tried and true professional methods to protect your valuables during transport. After securing these items in the moving truck, we’ll take your items to their destination(s) and carefully unload them there.

Second is the “customer pack” move. With this type of move, you pack all your belongings and we simply load them on the truck and take them and unload them at their final destination. However, you must be careful when you pack your own boxes because there are a lot of mines you can step on when it comes to fragile items (not just breakable items, but electronic items and other such things).

For instance, one of the most common (almost universal) mistakes for amateurs packing dishes is to lay them flat (as you would in a kitchen cabinet) on top of each other. However, this is one of the best ways to cause breakage of dishes because, unlike kitchen cabinets, moving trucks endure thousands of vibrations and dozens (even hundreds) of bumps on the way to their new home.

If you’re in doubt, leave the packaging to the professionals.

One other option you can choose from is the “labor only” move. With this type of move, you provide your own truck and we provide the labor to pack and load your goods. Then you drive your truck to your destination and unload it there. This option really only makes sense if you’re going a long distance (out of state), because by the time you pay for the daily truck rental, mileage, and fuel, plus the labor only charges, you’ll probably pay more than for a full service move.

If you choose a customer pack or labor only option, keep in mind that we stock a full line of packaging and moving supplies, from an assortment of high quality, sturdy boxes (100+ sizes, plus special purpose boxes) to cargo straps to bubble wrap and furniture blankets.

Also, keep in mind that no hazardous items can be trucked. This includes, but is not limited to, any flammable or explosive materials. So gasoline, paint, paint thinner, etc., must be disposed of and not transported over public roads. If you have any fuel-powered equipment, you must safely empty the fuel tank and lines before transporting.

Also, be certain to contact us well in advance of your moving date, especially if it’s on a weekend or near the end or beginning of a month. These time frames fill up fast, so you should book your move early.

So contact us online or call us to schedule a smooth move for you.

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