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We can take care of your local move, providing two levels of service, based on your needs and budget

Full Service Or Labor Only

If you use Xpress Movers’ full service package at $98* per hour, we provide two men and 26’ moving truck with a 4 HOUR MINIMUM . That’s a full 26 feet long by nine foot high cargo box, not 22 feet long with a four foot “attic” space that you get with a truck rental service. Also, the truck rental service trucks are a 2ft or 3ft in height.

With the “labor only” service at $80/hour for 2 professional movers and dollies (4 HOURS MINIMUM ), you provide the moving van and we provide the muscle. You’re free to pack all the smaller items that you wish while Xpress Movers takes care of the big stuff. This is used either for moves outside the Wasatch Front area, or for moves that are a few steps from your origin location. So if you’re moving next door or two doors down, the labor only option would be excellent.

And you don’t have to rent blankets and pads and dollies from Xpress Movers, they all come without charge as part of the service. The same is true of any equipment that we normally use, such as ramps, stairwalkers, piano boards, appliance dollies, etc. There is no extra charge for these or similar items, just the straightforward hourly price plus the cost of consumables.

So when Xpress Movers shows up at your door, they will do so with many dozens of blankets in a full sized moving truck, plus whatever tools and equipment are needed for your specific job. And the crews that show up at your door are experienced professional movers, not someone hired out of a parking lot, off the street, off of a dubious website, not even from daily temporary services. These are men who know how to carefully protect and safely handle your Steinway Grand piano or whatever other prized possessions you might have

So with Xpress Movers, you’re getting a professional grade moving crew at a fair and straightforward price with no last second sticker shock add-on charges. In addition to our “customer pack” and “full service” options listed above, we also have a “labor only” service.

To briefly distinguish the difference between these services, the “full service package” is the service in which Xpress Movers’ crew professionally packages all of your items, not just the furniture, appliances, and other heavy items. We also will hook up your appliances at your destination location, but you are responsible to make certain that there are no leaks. With the “customer pack” service, you pack all the smaller items, i.e., the normal household goods, while we take care of the furniture and such.

As mentioned above, we can handle all of your cherished specialty items. This includes gun safes and hot tubs, as well as pool tables and large exercise equipment, statues, paintings, large flat screen TVs, and so forth. To learn more about these services, please refer to the “Specialty Items” below.

Also, since we are a full-fledged moving and shipping company, Xpress Movers offers a full line of top quality moving supplies at excellent prices. For a detailed explanation of the items we offer, please check out the “Moving Supplies” button below.

Keep in mind that Xpress Movers will work closely with you in advance to prepare for your move and your specific needs. When you contact us, we will need to know some basic things, such as any specialty items you have (pool tables, pianos, gun safes, etc.) plus any fragile items you have, especially glass furniture and table tops. We will need to know how many bedrooms you have, whether you have a lot of furniture or very little, whether you have a storage shed, or if your attic and garage are stuffed with goods that need to be moved, and so forth.

So please contact us or call us well in advance, since moving slots tend to fill quickly during peak seasons and times, such as weekends near the end or beginning of the month, at the end of semesters, and so forth.

Just click on Xpress Movers’ “Contact Us” button above, or give us a call and let us know when you need to move. We will work with you to give you a good experience and a smooth move at a great, up-front price.

Xpress Movers: Two professional movers with years of experience and 4 HOURS MINIMUM - Best Value in UTAH at $110* per/hr.






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