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Whether you’re looking for someone to perform a full service residential move, or would like to learn about our cost-saving “Labor Only” move, or you’re planning a business move, Xpress Movers is the right moving service for you.

Xpress Movers covers you all along the Wasatch Front. From Ogden and down into Salt Lake City you'll be using our moving partner Moving Connections at 801-532-6683. In Park City you'll be using our moving partner Park City Movers and Express Movers for the west side of the valley and down into Provo and Orem.

If you hire a professional moving company that charges a fair price, uses experienced professional movers, and has no minimum number of hours, then you’re on your way to a good experience with moving.

Xpress Movers features all of the above and more. And unlike many other moving companies, Xpress Movers doesn’t add a bunch of junk fee charges at the end: we don’t add any fuel surcharges (which can add 10% or more to your final bill), and we don’t charge taxes for labor (there are no taxes for labor). All we charge for is our hourly rate of $98* plus the cost for supplies.

That flat rate -- $98* per hour – will give you the services of two men and a 26’ moving truck stocked with moving supplies such as 100 furniture blankets, two-wheel dollies, furniture dollies, ratchet straps, etc.

Xpress Movers is a full service professional moving company, which means that we can move your pool table, hot tub, any kind of piano, exercise equipment, gun safes, and so on. We do need to know about such items in advance, though, so please let us know this information up front when you book your move so that we can bring all the appropriate equipment for your move.

There are three kinds of basic moves that we offer.

The “full service move” is the first and most popular kind of move that we offer. With this type of move, we not only stretch wrap and blanket your furniture items (and things like grand pianos), but we also provide the added service of packing all your additional belongings. This could be anything from books to dishes to clothing to fishing rods to whatever.

After we have professionally packed your goods, we will carefully load the items on our moving truck and transport them to your new location.

The “customer pack” move is a move where we only professionally stretch wrap and blanket your furniture items, and you pack all your other goods. Then we load your goods on our moving truck and take them to your new home.

The customer pack option will require some advance planning on your part. You need to purchase your packaging supplies first. Since we are a shipping and moving store as well as a moving company, we stock every item you could possibly need: more than 100 different sizes of boxes, plus specialized custom boxes, various types of tape (available in six packs or case to give you further savings), bubble wrap of different types and widths in 12’, 25’, and 200’ rolls, loose fill foam peanuts in small, medium, or large bags, etc.

These items are high quality and we offer them at very reasonable costs. With these supplies, you will be empowered to do a professional packing job yourself, which can save you money.

Please be certain to have your items carefully packed by the time our men arrive so that they can begin loading immediately (this saves you money).

The “labor only” move is a move where you provide your own truck (usually this is a rental truck) and we just pack and load your truck. For this type of move (usually an out of state move), you can even purchase your own ratchet straps, stretch wrap, and furniture blankets from us, in addition to the items mentioned above.

One note: make certain that you properly dispose of all flammable, explosive, and any other hazardous item. Please do not ask us to ship them (it’s illegal and dangerous), and please don’t try to transport them yourself.

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