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Xpress Movers has the most straightforward pricing policy of any moving company you can hope to find. Our rate is just $95 per hour, and that brings to your door a crew of two workers and a 26 foot moving truck, loaded with all the equipment and wrapping materials (including 100 furniture blankets) you’ll need.

With Xpress Movers, you won’t be stung by sticker shock due to spurious surcharges, because we don’t have any: no fuel surcharges, and no extra taxes for labor. Just a straightforward rate for labor ($95 per hour), and the cost of materials that your move uses (boxes and tape and stretch wrap, etc.).

There is no charge for reusable items such as furniture pads and blankets, or equipment like piano boards and furniture dollies, etc.

Another positive feature of our service is that we are a local company, based in Northern Utah. So Xpress Movers can respond to your needs more quickly than some out of state company can. And if you book a morning move with us and your destination is nearby, we’ll probably have your move done in time for you to unwind with a walk in Sugarhouse Park, where you can feed the ducks and enjoy a relaxing evening.

And since Xpress Movers is a professional moving company, we can bring to your door any service that your move requires.

So if you have a large gun safe, no worry, Xpress Movers has you covered. We can handle it. We can also handle moves of hot tubs, pool tables, and pianos of any size, be they upright, grand, or baby grand. We have the piano boards and stairwalkers, ramps and pallet jacks, and whatever else is needed to do the job swiftly and safely.

Do note that some of these larger items require extra crew members, so there will be an additional charge for these men. But that additional charge is only $30 per extra man per hour.

Another feature of Xpress Movers’ service is that there is no minimum number of hours that you have to pay for. Some moving services usually have a minimum of three or even four hours. But if your move takes only one or two hours, that’s all you pay for. So this should help you save a lot if you have a small move.

Not only can Xpress Movers handle all your specialty items, but we also offer three options of service:

First is the full service package. In this service, Xpress Movers’ professional moving crew packs all of your belongings, large and small. Typically the move starts with stretch wrapping the larger furniture items and specialty items. Then our professional crew blanket wraps each item separately, and then loads them on the moving van. Next they secure these larger items to the walls with ratchet straps so that they won’t shift or bounce during transit.

Once the larger items are strapped in, our crew then professionally wraps and packs the remaining items. Any item that is not considered furniture or a specialty item must be packed securely in a box. This includes plants, skis, etc. This is not only for protection of these items, but also for the protection of neighboring items. It also makes it much quicker to load the moving truck.

Second is the customer pack service. This allows you to be working on packing your smaller items while Xpress Movers’ professional crew takes care of the larger items. So you don’t have to break your back trying to lug the very heavy and large items. Let our crew handle those. You should save money and time with this service. But do remember to label each box with what’s inside, and what room you want it to go into.

Third and last, but not least, is the labor only package. With this package, you provide the truck and driver (usually this is a rental truck and the customer is the driver). We do all the labor as far as loading is concerned, plus any other labor that you want us to do, including packing items. We will definitely take care of the specialty and furniture items, since these must be handled professionally. And we will do all the loading. But you can do all the packing you wish, plus the driving.

The labor only package is used for “next door” moves, also. So if your final destination is nearby, you can use this service.

If you are doing the driving yourself, be certain that your truck is large enough to accommodate all your belongings. Costs can run sky high if you find that your truck is too small and you end up having to stay in a hotel, rent another truck, and rent a pod or storage shed in addition. Plus you’ll have to pay for labor to unload the smaller truck and then load the larger one, if you can find one. So be careful on this point and don’t underestimate the amount of goods that you have.

Xpress Movers has its own vast inventory of shipping and packaging supplies, so we can bring these to you at very reasonable prices. And these are top quality name brand boxes and packaging supplies. We can help you make an estimate of how many boxes you’ll need when you contact us, so don’t hesitate to do that. And there’s no charge for any items that you don’t use. So order all the tape and boxes and bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts and ratchet straps, etc., that you think you’ll need.

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