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If you’re looking for an experienced professional moving company, Xpress Movers is the company for you. Xpress Movers is a local moving company that can move anything you might have, from grand pianos to hot tubs. Got a gun safe? We can move it. Have a pool table that needs to be moved? Xpress Movers can do it.

We have all the necessary tools, equipment, materials, and experience to move all those specialty items as well as more routine items, such as furniture, computers, dishes, and so on.

And our rates are up front and very reasonable: $95 per hour gets you a 26 foot moving van, plus a professional two man moving crew. The only other charges you have are for non-reusable packing materials, such as wrapping paper for dishes, boxes, tape, and stretch wrap. Reuseable items, such as furniture pads, are free of charge.

So you won’t have to experience sticker shock because of added hidden charges, such as fuel surcharges or taxes for labor – which with some companies might drive your bill up an extra 20%. Of course, there are extra charges for any additional personnel, such as might be needed for moving a hot tub or large gun safe, but that’s only $30 per person per hour for each extra crew member.

Another thing that will help your wallet is the fact that Xpress Movers doesn’t have a minimum number of hours, which for most movers is 3 or 4 hours. So if your move only takes an hour or two, you don’t have to pay for any extra time.

And being a local company, Xpress Movers is responsive to your situation. We’re so close that if you book a morning move with us, and your move is within the Murray area, you could be done in time to enjoy a Shwarma wrap at Couscous Mediterranean Grill that evening.

There are also three levels of service to fit your budget:

1) The full service move: when you book this type of move, an Xpress Movers professional moving crew will arrive at your residence (or office) in a 26’ moving van packed with the tools, materials, and equipment needed for your move. This includes furniture pads and at least one hundred moving blankets to protect your furniture and other goods. Our crew will first stretch wrap and professionally pad any specialty items with professional grade furniture blankets. They will ratchet strap these padded items securely into the moving truck.

Then they will treat your other furniture items the same way – and this includes exercise equipment – and secure them the same way.

The moving crew will then wrap, pack, and box your other goods and load them onto the moving van. After making final checks with you about directions to the final destination, they will then transport your items safely to their new home.

2) The customer pack move: when you book this type of move, you package all the smaller items and the Xpress Movers crew still handles the larger ones, plus we still do all the loading. But this does save you some money as our crews are paid by the hour and depending on how many smaller items you have, you might be able to save an hour or two or even more.

3) The labor only move: when you schedule a labor only move, you provide the truck and we provide the labor. Another time that this move is used is when you’re moving next door, or to an apartment or office in the same complex, etc. Also, this is the type of move you would use if you’re moving out of state. So our crew does the back bending work while you observe and relax.

To help you in the customer pack move or the labor only move, we sell a full array of boxes (more than 100 sizes), specialty boxes for things like flat screen TVs and skis, bubble wrap and foam peanuts, all at excellent prices, and all our materials are high quality standard brands.

Please remember to book your move well in advance. Weekends and ends/beginnings of month moving slots fill quickly.

So give us a call and we will help plan a smooth and safe move for your goods. Or contact us via this website and we’ll call you.

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