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Whether you’re moving to get closer to an existing job, or to pursue a new career, or whatever, Xpress Movers is the moving company for you. Xpress Movers is a professional moving company based in Northern Utah, so we understand the needs of the residents of your area.

And here at Xpress Movers, we like to be up front without any hidden charges. So our rate is $95 per hour, with no minimum, any day of the week. There are no hidden surcharges, just that straightforward rate, plus any supplies that your move uses.

So you won’t have a cardiac episode due to sticker shock because of “fuel surcharges” and “taxes for labor” added on to your bill when the final tally is made. That’s because Xpress Movers doesn’t have fuel surcharges, or taxes for labor. But moving companies that do charge these junk fees can add 15 percent, 20 percent, or even more to the bill that you expected to pay. And when you’re moving is hardly the time that you need some substantial unexpected costs.

What Xpress Movers does have is extraordinary moving service. We use professional moving crews to handle your precious belongings.

So if you have a grand piano to move, Xpress Movers can do it. If you have a hot tub, Xpress Movers can move it. And so on, whether it’s gun safes, or exercise equipment, or whatever, Xpress Movers’ moving crews can handle it.

We offer different options that will suit your needs. These options are the “full service” move, the “customer pack” move, and the “labor only” move. And we offer these options for office moves as well as for residential moves.

The full service move is very popular because with that service, Xpress Movers sends two strapping guys in a 26’ moving truck loaded with all the items your move will require. Items such as furniture pads, furniture dollies, furniture blankets, stretch wrap, wrapping paper, tape, and boxes will be on board. In fact, they’ll have a minimum of 100 furniture blankets.

And if your move requires it, our liftgate trucks can be outfitted with pallet jacks and 4’x6’ plywood sheets (used for moving hot tubs and other large, heavy items). We have stairwalkers and ramps, plus every kind of packing supply that you can dream of.

In the full service move, the Xpress Movers crew will professionally wrap, load, and strap your furniture and heavier items in the truck. Then they will professionally pack all your less heavy household items and then professionally load those, too.

Then Xpress Movers will drive to your new destination to safely and efficiently unload all your goods into the rooms or storage areas where you want them.

With the customer pack option, you can package all your household goods, but it’s best to let Xpress Movers handle all the larger and heavier items, such as furniture, exercise equipment, and the like. But this will save you time and money as you will provide a substantial amount of the time consuming labor for a typical move.

We are also a shipping store, so we stock every kind of packaging supply you can imagine. Tape dispensers (often called “tape guns”), bubble wrap in different sizes in small rolls or rolls up to 200’ long, styrofoam loose fill peanuts in bulk or small quantities, custom boxes for flat screen TVs and mirrors, top quality sturdy boxes in more than 100 different sizes, etc., are all available directly through us.

And not only are these supplies top notch brand name items, but Xpress Movers offers them at very reasonable prices, probably the lowest in the state.

With the labor only option, Xpress Movers loads a truck that you’ve rented and that you will drive to your new destination. We do all the heavy lifting, and we professionally load your truck for the most efficient use of space, while providing the greatest level of safety for your goods that is humanly possible by the careful use of stretch wrap, furniture blankets, ratchet straps and so forth, all of which you can purchase from us a excellent prices.

A note of caution: if you’re renting or otherwise providing your own truck, be absolutely certain that it’s big enough to accommodate all your goods, or you can end up with a major and very expensive problem. So do be certain to take into account all the goods in all your rooms, closets, the basement, attic, patio, garage, and storage sheds when you do your planning.

Also, be certain to call Xpress Movers early to plan your move, as move slots can be booked up well in advance, especially if you’re planning to move at the end or the beginning of a month.

So give Xpress Movers a call, or contact us via this website, and we’ll begin planning a safe, smooth move for you.

So contact us online or call us to schedule a smooth move for you.

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