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Xpress Movers is the professional moving company you want to keep in mind if you’re planning a move within the state. Xpress Movers has the resources, the professional moving crews, the equipment, and the experience to make your move go smoothly and efficiently. And because the Wasatch Front is our hub (we’re based in West Valley City), we can be more responsive to your particular needs.

And we’re upfront about rates. Unlike some companies, that add on a fuel surcharge at the end of each move – which can be as high as fifteen percent – Xpress Movers has no fuel surcharges at all. And unlike some companies that charge an additional fee for taxes for labor, Xpress Movers charges no taxes for labor, because there are no taxes for labor.

What you do get with Xpress Movers is a straightforward moving rate of $95 per hour, plus any supplies that are needed for packing. Nothing more. And the supplies that we charge for are top quality consumables, mainly boxes, stretch wrap, wrapping paper, and packaging tape. And since Xpress Movers’ boxes are very sturdy, high quality name brand boxes, you can use them for storage, or for your next move, or to ship birthday gifts in, etc. There are no charges for items that Xpress Movers reuses, such as moving blankets, pads, or equipment or tools.

What you do get when you book a move with Xpress Movers is a crew of two iron men and a twenty-six foot moving truck that is loaded with at least 100 furniture blankets, plus pads, boxes of every imaginable size (depending on your needs), rolls of stretch wrap, and all the equipment and tools that we need in order to do your particular move professionally and smoothly.

Since every move is different, and some people have specialty items, the equipment Xpress Movers brings will vary accordingly. For instance, if you have a grand piano, we will bring a piano board, perhaps a stairwalker, a ramp, and whatever else we need for that item and for the layout and design of your particular home (how many stairs, do we need to take it across a grassy or snowy area, etc.).

If you have a hot tub that you just can’t live without, then we can move that too. This can require the use of two pallet jacks and large plywood sheets (to save the lawn if we need to go across it, or to go over snow with a heavy item), plus extra crew (and that does cost extra, $30 per hour per extra man, we’re letting you know that up front).

The same applies if you have other items, such as a heavy gun safe, or a pool table, or large exercise equipment. And yes, Xpress Movers moves grand pianos, as well as baby grand pianos and upright pianos. Xpress Movers can move all of these items safely and efficiently, but we do need advance notice in order to know what equipment to bring, and whether we need to bring extra crew members.

But since we do move all these things, we might be thought of as “expert movers” as well as “Xpress Movers”.

Xpress Movers offers three various types of service. One that is often used is the “full service” option. If you opt for the full service move, Xpress Movers will arrive at your home with a crew of two (or more, depending on your particular situation), and a twenty six foot moving van. This moving truck will be equipped with at least one hundred moving blankets and associated items for wrapping and protecting your large furniture items, plus the usual complement of furniture dollies, two wheeled dollies, ramps, pallet jacks, and such items as mentioned above for specialty moves, plus packing materials such as wrapping paper, packaging tape, and other items.

Another type of service that we offer is the “customer pack” service, often used by those who like to do it themselves and who want to save a little money by doing some of the labor. With this service, Xpress Movers still stretch wraps and blanket wraps your large furniture and specialty items and loads and secures them on the truck while you wrap and package your other belongings, such as books (best to use small boxes for these, as larger boxes can end up weighing well over one hundred pounds when filled with hardback books), kitchen utensils and plates, hand tools, etc.

Some things to keep in mind when using the customer pack service is that everything that is not a furniture item must be packed securely in a box. This includes tennis rackets, plants, even trees. Also, no hazardous items can be moved by Xpress Movers, and this includes, but is not limited to, flammables, caustic substances, and explosives.

So no gunpowder, no gasoline, no paint or paint thinner, no acids, no oxidizers, etc., can be shipped. So please dispose of these appropriately before packing. This would require you to empty all fuel tanks of any power equipment you might have.

Xpress Movers cannot ship live animals, so we can’t help you move your Morgan horse or even your cat.

Xpress Movers offers a “labor only” service, our third type of service. This is for out of state moves (we only do in-state moves) or for those who simply prefer this service and who want to do the driving and unloading at their final destination themselves.

If you opt for the labor only service, we will send two men (or more, depending on whether you have specialty items) who will professionally wrap, pack, load, strap and secure your belongings onto a truck that you provide (usually a rental truck). Make certain that this truck is 1) large enough to accommodate all your belongings, and 2) that it has fixtures (sturdy boards mounted securely to the inside walls) to which the specialty items and furniture items can be professionally ratchet strapped. If you rent a truck from a reputable rental agency, they should come equipped with these fixtures.

Since Xpress Movers is a professional moving company, we have all the boxes and packing supplies you could possibly need, at low prices, and these are top of the line products. So if you are planning to “drive it yourself” and have us do the labor, we can provide you with everything you need for your move at very reasonable costs. So if you need to purchase ratchet straps, or wardrobe boxes, guitar boxes, ski boxes, loose fill foam peanuts, furniture blankets, mirror/painting boxes, bubble wrap (in rolls up to two hundred feet long), or whatever, Xpress Movers can provide it for you.

If you're moving to a nearby community such as the Holladay or the Millcreek area, and you book a morning move, we could have you moved quickly enough so that you can still enjoy a leisurely bike ride on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, or you can enjoy some Italian cuisine at Valter's Osteria, or some wood fired pizza at Vinto's.

So call us and book your move well in advance. Or contact us through this website. In either case, we will speak with you about details of your move, such as specialty items, whether you have a storage shed, how much furniture you have, how many bedrooms you’re moving, and so forth, so that we will know just how to make your move go smoothly and professionally.

Xpress Movers covers you all along the Wasatch Front. From Ogden and down into Salt Lake City you'll be using our moving partner Moving Connections at 801-532-6683. In Park City you'll be using our moving partner Park City Movers and Express Movers for the west side of the valley and down into Provo and Orem.

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