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Xpress Movers is a professional moving company based in northern Utah. As such, it it can respond much more rapidly to the needs of those who are planning a move in the Wasatch Front area.

Xpress Movers uses professional moving crews who know how to safely wrap and package your belongings to get them to their new home safely.

Xpress Movers charges an upfront low rate of $95 per hour for any day of the week, plus a reasonable charge for whatever high quality supplies you need for your move. There are no sudden add-on charges or junk fees tacked onto your bill at the end of the move as you will find with some companies. No fuel surcharges (these can run up to 10 or even 15 percent with some moving companies), and no phony taxes for labor. So you are charged only for what you get, labor and supplies.

Xpress Movers can move your piano (including grand and baby grand), as well as your pool table, or gun safe, or hot tub, or exercise equipment, etc. We have the best moving crews, and the proper equipment and trucks to handle all your needs. Please let us know when you book your move if you have any of these items. This enables us to be certain to bring all the needed professional equipment to do the job right, such as furniture dollies, pallet jacks, liftgate truck, etc.

Also, please let us know if you have paintings with glass, or glass furniture, or desks with glass tops, etc. We need to make special preparations for these items, too.

And Xpress Movers also offers three levels of service to fit your budget and your specific needs.

Many customers prefer us to not only blanket wrap and pad their furniture and other large items, but they also want us to pack all their smaller items too. This is a very popular service, and it avoids a lot of problems with items that are packed improperly, as our professional crews have had a lot of experience with moving. For instance, one thing that non-professionals will typically do is to stack dishes inside a box. Even when wrapped with paper, this substantially increases the likelihood of breakage. Best to leave this to the professionals who will place crumpled paper in the bottom of the box, wrap paper around each dish, then set them on their sides inside the box. And that’s why the “full service” option is very popular: people want the best care for their belongings.

Some customers are more the “Do-It-Yourself” type and who may have had some previous experience with moving and are confident about packaging some items themselves. This “customer pack” option can save you money as long as you have all items packed and ready to go before our crew arrives. Do keep in mind, however, that all non-furniture items must be properly packed in a box. This even includes things like plants (even trees) and lamps.

If you’re doing the customer pack option, it’s good to mark on the outside of the box the type of contents (dishes, books, pillows, etc.) and what room it will go into at your final destination.

Xpress Movers will still stretch wrap and blanket wrap and pad your furniture items and your other large and heavy goods even if you choose the customer pack option.

Some may opt for our “labor only” service, in which you provide the moving truck and we provide the labor: packing, wrapping, and professionally loading the moving truck. This is typically used when someone is moving out of state. One caveat about the labor only option: please be absolutely certain that you rent a truck that is large enough to hold all the goods you wish to move. Otherwise, you might find yourself renting a pod or storage unit to hold the items that wouldn’t fit on the truck while you try to find a larger truck (often impossible on a weekend near the end or beginning of the month), or you might hastily organize a yard sale at give-away prices.

So if you’re planning to do the move yourself, make certain that you remember all the stuff you’ve stored in the attic and the basement and the garage and in any sheds you might have.

Also, neither we nor you can legally ship hazardous items, so please properly dispose of any explosives, flammables, fuels, acids, etc., before starting your move.

Please give us a call to book your move and discuss your particular needs, or if it’s more convenient for you, book your move online and we’ll get back to you.

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