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If you’re planning a move in the Herriman area, then consider Xpress Movers, a northern Utah based professional moving company.

First of all, we don’t play games with rates, that is, there are no surprise charges or junk fee add-ons, all you pay is the hourly rate plus any supplies that we provide (for things like boxes, packaging, stretch wrap, etc.). We don’t have surcharges for fuel, and we don’t charge tax for labor. Some companies will add as much as 15%, sometimes even more, to your total bill at the end of a move with such charges.

We don’t do that. All you pay is the flat $95 per hour charge plus supplies used. And there’s no minimum with Xpress Movers. So everything is straightforward.

Xpress Movers also offers any kind of specialized moving service you might need. Got a large gun safe? We are experienced with such items and we can move it, safely and efficiently. Same thing if you’ve got a grand piano. Or a hot tub, or a pool table, or whatever large, heavy item that you might need to have moved. But please let us know ahead of time if you have any of these items so that we can bring the right equipment, tools, and other supplies necessary to do the job properly.

For instance, a hot tub might require a liftgate truck, two pallet jacks, sheets of thick 4’x6’ plywood, plus other tools and maybe even some extra crew members (it would cost extra for additional crew, and we’re telling you this up front so you know). So it’s important to work with us to plan your move in advance so that you have the best experience possible.

And while we’re talking about it, that $95 per hour brings two experienced movers in a 26’ moving truck. The truck is stocked with more than 100 furniture blankets, whatever boxes you need, and all the tape and stretch wrap and other packaging materials are necessary, plus any tools and equipment that might be needed. These could include piano boards, or pallet jacks as mentioned above, or furniture dollies, and so on.

If you would like to leave everything to our professional crew members, then you can let us stretch wrap, blanket wrap and pad your furniture items, and in addition, we will professionally pack all your other items in boxes with wrapping paper or whatever is needed to protect them. Then we’ll carefully strap and load your belongings on the moving truck and transport them to your new location, where we will unload them and place them where your direct us to. This is called a “full service” move.

Another option is to let our crew just stretch wrap and blanket wrap your furniture and other large items and place them on the truck, and you will pack your other items into boxes with appropriate wrapping and padding or loose fill as necessary. Please note that all non-furniture items must be boxed, and boxed properly, in order to protect your belongings during loading, unloading, and transport. Please consult with us about how to properly pack fragile items, such as dishes (almost all non-professionals get this one wrong) or paintings, mirrors, flat screen TVs, etc. This kind of move is called a “customer pack” move.

If you opt for this type of move, please be certain to have all your items packaged and marked (for contents and what room you want them put in at your final destination) before our crew arrives.

We have every kind of supply you could need for packing your goods, since we are a fully stocked shipping and moving store, with more than 100 different sized boxes in stock. Plus we carry specialty boxes for things such as flat screen TVs, guitars, mirrors, skis, etc. We even have tall and short wardrobe boxes with crossbars so that your clothing items can be hanging up while being transported, so that they don’t get wrinkled.

A final type of move is a “labor only” move. This type of move means that you will provide and drive your own truck, and our professional moving crew will only load your vehicle and package your items if you wish.

Just a note: we cannot transport hazardous goods, such as caustic, explosive, or flammable items. So gunpowder, black powder, any kind of fuel or oil, acids, etc., cannot be transported. If you have fuel-powered equipment, such as lawn mowers or weed whackers, their tanks must be properly emptied of fuels before transport.

Another thing we don’t transport is live animals. So dogs, cats, ferrets, etc., can’t be taken by us. However, if you do have a Belgian Draft Horse, we’d be happy to bring by an application for employment for him (or her) because we need some good, strong backs to help us with the hot tubs and gun safes.

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