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If you have us package your items, then we will charge for the boxes, tape, paper and other supplies that we use.

Please keep in mind that in any case, anything that is not furniture must be placed in a box. This includes lamps, statues, and other things. (Plants don’t have to be boxed, but we will not guarantee their safe arrival. We do not move any live animals.)

We carry a full line of moving supplies that you can purchase from us for those items you wish to package yourselves. We ask you to do this ahead of time so that you will have all the items you want us to move already packaged and ready to go. This assures that we do the most efficient job possible, saving you time and money.

Items that we carry at great prices are boxes (more than 100 sizes, including ski boxes, guitar boxes, small and large mirror boxes, flat screen television boxes, and small and large wardrobe boxes, complete with crossbars on which to hang your clothing, and dish and glass pack boxes with special cardboard compartments and foam padding); high quality tape guns and tape; shrink wrap to protect the finish on your furniture; furniture pads and quilted covers to put around your furniture after it’s shrink wrapped; bubble wrap for fragile items; wrapping paper to protect your dishes; foam peanuts, one of the best fill materials to cushion contents; mattress covers for all sizes of mattresses and box springs; and many more items at excellent prices.

Some hints for packaging tricky items yourself.

First of all, dishes: Don’t stack dishes. Dishes are best wrapped in paper and then stood on their edges on a bed of bubble wrap or other soft padding. Secure them inside the box with bunched up wrapping paper or foam peanuts or other suitable padding to prevent them from moving during transport.

Pictures with glass: tape glass completely with special tape (we have this in stock), shrink wrap thoroughly around frame, then put large bubble wrap around lengthwise and widthwise, tape, and place in a box that fits well (you might want to add foam peanuts to keep the picture from moving). Do not stack anything on pictures, including other pictures. Stand them up and secure them so that they can’t fall or slide during transport.

Fragile items such as crystal vases or knick knacks, etc. Wrap in large bubble wrap (at least two layers) so that top and bottom as well as sides are covered, tape securely, and then place upright in box with peanuts on top and underneath and around all sides. You can put multiple items in a box, but don’t stack them, and get some foam peanuts between them.

Please do not try to move glass furniture or furniture with glass table tops yourself. These can be very dangerous and should be left to professionals. Also, specialty items such as all pianos, gun safes, pool tables, etc., should be moved only by professionals.

For any information regarding this or any other aspect of your move, please call us at (385) 484-3905 (801-364-MOVE).

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