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Moving can be frustrating, but if you plan well and choose the right professional moving company, your move can go very smoothly and actually be a pleasant experience.

Xpress Movers has several moving options to fit your budget and time frame.

The full service move is just what its name implies: a move where a professional moving crew shows up with a 26’ moving van stocked with all the necessities for a safe and expeditious move: more than 100 furniture blankets, furniture dollies, an assortment of boxes and packing materials, stretch wrap, piano boards, ramps, etc.

With the full service move, our crew not only pads, stretch wraps, and blanket wraps all your furniture items (including pianos), but they also pack and box all your non-furniture items. Then they put them on the moving truck where they professionally strap and load your belongings for a safe and efficient move.

The second option, the customer pack move, is where you pack all your non-furniture items in boxes and then our crew pads, stretch wraps, and blanket wraps just your furniture items. We then load and transport your goods to their new location.

In the third option, the labor only move, you provide your own truck and our professional crew does all the packing and loading onto the truck, then you drive to your new destination.

If you choose the labor only move, please be absolutely certain that you rent a truck large enough to contain all your goods. It’s not only very inconvenient, but also very expensive when you’ve loaded the truck from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side so tightly that you can’t slide a credit card between the boxes, but you’ve still got forty boxes left to load.

So don’t forget the things in your garage, your storage shed, or your attic when you plan your move, and everything will go a lot more smoothly.

And you can purchase all your packaging supplies from Xpress Movers. We stock every kind of box you could possibly need, and then some, everything from CD mailers to mirror and flat screen TV boxes to ski boxes and guitar boxes to more than 100 general purpose boxes of various sizes. We even have loose fill in the form of foam peanuts, plus bubble wrap, blank newsprint (usually used for wrapping dishes), stretch wrap, and foam sheets.

We also offer specialized moving services for bulky or for very heavy items. These include, but are not limited to, gun safes, pianos, hot tubs, and pool tables. We do not ship any live animals (even though we might like Belgian Draft Horses), and we cannot ship hazardous materials, including any kind of fuel, paint, thinners, caustic substances, explosives, or flammables.

Our rates are straightforward with no hidden surcharges. We charge only for labor and supplies. We do not add on a fuel charge, which some moving companies do and which can increase your total bill by ten percent or even more. Another thing we do not charge for is taxes on labor. There are no “junk” fees or anything else to consider, just labor and supplies.

Xpress Movers charges a straightforward $95 per hour, and that’s for any day of the week, and there is no minimum number of hours. However long it takes to complete your move, plus whatever supplies you require is what you’ll be billed for.

If you book a morning move and you’re moving within the Lehi area, we might be able to complete your move in time to allow you to go to a local restaurant to relax and enjoy a leisurely meal.

So give Xpress Movers a call or send us an email and let us help you to plan your move so that it will be a pleasant experience that goes smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

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