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Xpress Movers is the northern Utah professional movers who offer the most straightforward pricing in the business.

Xpress Movers has no fuel surcharges or hidden fees, just the straightforward rate for labor and the cost of whatever supplies you use, such as tape, boxes, and stretch wrap. The non-consumables (items that we can reuse, such as the professional grade quilted moving blankets) are no charge.

Of course, if your move requires more than two men, such as might be needed to move a hot tub, then each extra man costs only thirty dollars per hour.

And speaking of hot tubs, Xpress Movers can move these and other very heavy or excessively large items. We have liftgate trucks available, plus extra pallet jacks and other equipment necessary for such specialty moves. And our professional moving crews know how to move these items safely and efficiently. So whether you have some ponderously large exercise equipment, or gun safes, grand pianos, or whatever, Xpress Movers has a solution for you.

Of course, we also move the more common household items and appliances.

Our moving crews will expertly stretch wrap each item of furniture and blanket wrap it for protection. Each of your smaller belongings will be professionally packaged and boxed for transit. Then Xpress Movers will transport your goods to their destination smoothly and efficiently.

Xpress Movers offers three service options:

1) The “we do it all” option (or the “full service” option) allows you to take care of last minute business while our professional crew takes care of not only your specialty items, appliances, and furniture, but also does all the packaging of the smaller household goods, such as dishes and pictures and computers and so forth.

2) The “you do the little stuff” option (the “customer pack” service) allows you to save some money and time by having you do the packaging of the smaller household items, while Xpress Movers just handles the larger things, such as gun safes, pianos, refrigerators, and other such items.

3) The “we leave the driving to you option” (the “labor only” option), in which you rent your own vehicle and Xpress Movers just loads the truck. Our professional crew can take care of all the packaging if you wish, or you can let them take care of the large and heavy items while you package the smaller belongings, as in the “customer pack” service option above. This service is usually for out of state moves.

This service is also good for moving to a very nearby home or apartment where loading a truck and driving it would take longer than just “hoofing it” over to your new destination. This works as well for office moves within the same or a neighboring building.

If you do rent your own truck, make absolutely sure that you get one large enough to accommodate all of your belongings. If you end up with a tightly packed truck and you still have twenty large boxes that won’t fit, you could end up with a very expensive shipping bill to get those things to your next destination via the mail or package delivery service.

If you book a morning move with us and your destination is within the Heber City area, we could have your move finished in time for you to go to The Junction and enjoy a Philly cheese steak sandwich or a thin crust “margharita” pizza.

So contact us online or call us to schedule a smooth move for you.

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